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Come and discover our outdoor and forest activities.
Fantastic nature experiences are part of the deal.


Spring – summer – autumn: Our new bicycle track takes you through 150 km of magical wild nature as well as beautiful farmland. You’ll be riding past all our favourite spots and along the way there is accommodation for all tastes.

Stage 1: Högsby-Fågelfors-Fagerhult, 45 km
Stage 2: Fagerhult-Björkshult-Aboda Klint, 60 km
Stage 3: Aboda-Värlebo, 25 km
Stage 4: Värlebo-Högsby, 27 km

Information: Högsby Tourist Office, tel. +46 (0)49129159


The Emån is one of Sweden’s largest rivers and offers calm, beautiful stretches as well as wild rapids to paddle in. This river has something for everyone, whether you’re a beginner or more experienced. Besides Emån, Högsby offers paddling opportunities in a number of lakes and other running water courses.

You launch your canoe near the Ryningsnäs bridge. At the Blankan power station, if you want to press on towards Högsby, you need to lift it out, carry it down and relaunch it below the power station. You continue towards Åsebo, where you lift your canoe out by the bridge. Most of the stretch has embankments. The Emån then runs on through Mönsterås Municipality.

A refurbishing of the rest areas along Emån’s canoeing stretch was carried out in 2012.
Information: Högsby Tourist Office, tel. +46 (0)49129159.

Rent a Canadian Canoe or a kayak and go for a paddle in the Emån River, a lake or the sea. Contact Emåturism Lixhult, where they also provide transport of canoes by agreement. Read more.

You can also rent a canoe from Aboda Café.
Tel. +46 (0)49123008, +46 (0)703988506.


The Högsby Tourist Information sells various fishing permits for different lakes and water courses, including the Emån. With the Tourist Fishing Card you can fish for 2 weeks in 27 different watercourses, all set in the delightful natural surroundings of Högsby Municipality. Some of the fishing waters are found in the beautiful Emån valley, near Högsby, and some are imbedded in the magical wilds surrounding Allgunnen, Grönskåra and Fagerhult. These lakes and rivers are teaming with pike, perch, bream and tench.

On the map that goes with the Tourist Fishing Card, you can see which fishing waters are covered by the card and where you find them.  With the Tourist Fishing Card you also receive a folder with detailed information about the permitted fishing waters.

Information: Högsby Tourist Information, tel. +46 (0)49129159.


Visit our lovely bathing spots, e.g. Gösjön in Berga, Lake Välen in Fagerhult, Lake Kleven in Aboda and Övrasjön in Fågelfors.


Högsbyleden stretches through Högsby Municipality, from Hornsö to Bockara, beginning at Hornsö and finishing the other side of Gösjön. It’s an 80 km trail, divided into 6 stages, winding through the cultural environment and wild nature. A beautiful and interesting walking trail through a genuine Småland landscape.

The Skälsbäck school is the starting point of some pleasant walking trails for people interested in culture. A walk around the lakes near

Aboda Klint will reveal that you’re visiting some genuine, untouched wild nature. 

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